Thursday, June 16, 2011

An anthology of Urdu poetry

I have to admit it is one of  the most prized books in my collection, being my first and only copy of Urdu poetry, gifted so thoughtfully by Raj.

Urdu is a fascinating language, so delicate and graceful that you cannot go wrong with it even if you were to pronounce the basest syllables of it. It gives human speech a whole new dimension, an almost unspeakable aura of ethereal beauty. And to think that it was born in the military camps of the Persian rulers of India; a child of Pharsi and Hindustani.


  1. I am not sure if I understand Urdu.

    Let some poems out in the open, with Hindi/English translation as well. :D

  2. @Bubbu: on special request :)

    Saaqi gayee bahaar dil mein rahee havas,
    Too minnaton sey jaam dey aur main kahoon key 'bas!'
    -Mohammad Rafi Sauda

    Koi kucch to batlaao kya javaab doon aakhir,
    Ek savaal karta hai roz mujhsey ghar mera.

    -Ghulam Rabbani Taban

  3. @Kermit: aakhri vaalaa hum jaise logon key liye hai :)

  4. :) so much said in so few words...