Monday, April 5, 2010

A Quality Shoe

My past two weekends have been sacrificed to shoe-hunting. Man, I feel like a girl! My male pride is hurt, I have never ever been this fussy about anything in my life. I'm not getting any decent, wearable pair of shoes for even 3k. Its a travesty! Its unthinkable! And it has pissed me off completely.

What's more, the sales-people they have in these huge air-conditioned stores are so bored with their work that they can't even try to show you anything. Sir, its right in front of you, help yourself. 

Whatever I want is way too expensive and whatever they offer, is what I wouldn't be caught even sleep-walking in. So there's a classic example of Life, sermonizes my brain. Yeah, yeah smart-ass.
Then suddenly a known melody fills out the ensuing gap with delightfully apt words...

 " You got your
   toecaps reinforced with steel,
   sole and heel,
   Make those tired feet feel like new.

   Take your pick,
   black or Brown
  Great for the country
   or the man in town,
   You're gonna need a quality shoe"

Sunday, April 4, 2010

User name already exists

That's the story for most of us late starters to the Web, the address is already taken. And English, being the common denominator with a paltry 26 alphabets, doesn't help either. 
The story is that I was checking out the WordPress online blogging thing, and well, there it was. I couldn't get a goddamned user name. Let me tell you that I'm very imaginative with words and letters, and I tried a lot of awesome names and mythology references, but the Server God wasn't appeased. I was vanquished. All the awesome names were taken by all the awesome people. 
So what can a guy do? Rant against the civilization.