Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An anecdote

I woke up really early today to catch that extremely early train they call The Taj Express. I was going to Agra to get some work done and I was a little nostalgic and excited to be back after four long years. I kept peering out of the window and wondering if everything was still the same or had it changed.

I arrived at Raja Ki Mandi (RKM for us), a tad inconvenienced and looking for a Prasaadhan(or toilet, for those of us who do not converse in such chaste Hindi). There was a long queue of gentlemen, all patiently waiting for their turn inside the facility. An elderly sweeper, who chanced to come in was so overcome by his love for humanity that he tried to do his best for us.
"Bhaiyya, baahar deewar per kar lo", he warmly confided to that noble group of Indian males who had resisted their primal urge to let go on the walls.