Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Namesake

I have always been a little uncomfortable with my name, it was, as a lot of people said, "unique". I had to spell and pronounce and correct a hundred other people whenever they would ask me my name.
Imagine my surprise when I was chasing around the ball in a football game and someone kept shouting for me . Confused, I looked up and saw that there was another guy in the opponent team with my name! Travesty? More of a release rather, because from that moment on I knew that there was another guy who would be sharing my burden.

Why write about it today? Well, because weirdly enough I shook his hand today. It was a bit surreal to hear someone introduce himself as "Shakul", and I was stupidly wondering that how could he know my name.
He smiled again and repeated, my mind rebooted in the mean time, saving me from some mild embarrassment. "Of course", I muttered and managed a retard's grin. It took us ten years to finally meet, and under such circumstances.

You see, he is the guy who will be doing the arrangement for the tent, lighting and music system for the various events in the four day long itinerary of my brother's traditional, Hindu wedding. He handed me his card and pointed out his name and number, and we talked about where to fix the tent and the lights. We again shook hands before he left, I suspect it to be some vague feeling of closeness. Anyways the good news is, I will be seeing him pretty often for the next few days.

P.S. He seems to be a pretty cool customer compared to staid old me. I flipped his card and saw DJ SHAKUL emblazoned across it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Happy New Year

Every blogger worth his salt has already done a special post wishing his readers on the turn of this millennium's first decade. Of course, not me. I have been neck deep in tasks to finish and deadlines to meet before I take off for my brother's wedding.

New year came and went and I merely nodded to welcome it. It had been pretty mundane till I got a hand-made greeting. It was a pleasant surprise to get a sentiment that had been expressed especially for me. I really can't remember when was the last time someone had so painstakingly made one for me.

After all, with electronic communication killing off the joy of having the postman ask for you, this is but a rare pleasure now. Nobody mails me except the credit card people sending those typed, impersonal mails once a month. So I'm going to keep it safe and read it whenever I'm feeling unwanted and small, it'll surely make me smile.