Friday, February 24, 2012

My iridescent bubble

These are such perfect alone days of contentment. I converse when I want to, I clam-up whenever I feel like. I'm  no longer good, no longer worried about being good. No pressure of trying to live up to an image that people conjure for me. I, somehow, could never live-up to anyone's expectations, I frequently disappoint. 

Perfect days of contentment,
stretch their legs in my chair,
and sleep in my bedroom.
While I watch, 
from another room.

We don't talk,
the days have their hours to keep,
I have some words.
To write,
from another room.

There are no curtains though,
I remember who wants them,
There are no sparrows too.
An empty room,
from another room.


  1. There maybe no curtains..Or the need of them..And even sparrows..
    But there is comfort in the silence between us..
    As I watch from another room..
    And feel so distant yet so close to that empty room from another room...

    Sorry I couldn't help but add some lines of my own to this..
    Actually I could identify with each and every line...
    Unbelievably powerful post..

    1. Hi Sonia,

      I didn't write with anything specific in my mind, the lines just came through. Isn't it strange that we can see so many patterns in the same set of words?

  2. wow! nice one!
    the peace and quiet for contemplation seems to have done you some good :)

    1. I sure do hope it has, felt so peaceful after a long while

  3. Eh!!! I don't understand poems much, but I do understand poets :).

    1. per tu toh sub kuch samajh jaata hai 5 minute mey ;)

  4. Nicely penned down..nd Sonia's endin gives it an amazingly beautiful dark edge...